A Home for Bright People

This is the new source for poetry books, other volumes of the Written Word Series, and the place to order  services offered to authors and educators. The genius of a rocket scientist is not necessary to navigate the site. There are four buttons on the sidebar menu: The Hobbyist Collection of Poetry, More Written Word Series Poetry, Nonfiction, and  Services. The first of these displays poetry books focused on hobbies which poets and other bright people pursue (more will be added over time). The second of the buttons is a bit more complex, displaying buttons for chapbooks of poetry, and other volumes of poetry in the Written Word Series. The third button leads to nonfiction entries (a subordinate paragraph will eventually lead to short stories). The fourth button displays headings for educational, editorial and publishing services offered through LTA. Any of the available printed volumes may be ordered from the publisher (if not LTA), directly from LTA through PayPal by clicking on the ‘buy now’ button, or from Amazon.com by hovering over the volume’s highlighted name and clicking. Simple, eh? Get on with it, then. Pursue our menu choices and place your orders. I guess it should be mentioned, though, that this site is linked to the website for Dr. Charles A. Stone where individual poems and musings are published weekly.