Bridging the Gaps

Bridging the Gaps is a book of poems about contract bridge – the players, partnerships, bidding and playing encountered at bridge clubs or at home-based games. The poems are nothing more than observations made by a player and student of one of the world’s most popular card games. As such, anyone who has played the game will enjoy this small volume (number 12 of the Written word Series and the 3rd of the Hobbyist Collection) of five dozen poems.

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Sample poem:


Not if there is anything like free speech…
I should be able to be conservative
or progressive in counting point
adding or subtracting
for length or shortness…
psychic bids should be allowed
and sacrifices go without saying…

I believe same-sex partnerships
are no better or worse than
hetero-gender ones or GLBT teams

I see nothing wrong with a wall
between conventions of my partnership
and those of others throughout the city
regardless of high-card imbalance
or manipulation of cue bids

I should not be condemned for wanting
to vet refugees from duplicate groups
whose values run contrary to mine

My bidding sheet is not classified now
nor was it ever

Still I believe that ACBL rules are carved
in the stone of my heart and mind
and should not be interpreted
as living documents subject
to interpretations of directors here and there…

I am especially adamant about the Second
Amendment as it pertains to table talk
and remind opponents who transgress
in this regard that gun control is nothing
more than how steady I hold the barrel
while aiming between their eyes

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