When Time and Space Conspire

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When Time and Space Conspire (book 07 of the Written Word Series) is an anthology of 175 poems by 38 poets from six countries. The issues of parallel universes, chance encounters, shifts in the time-space continuum, aging, and passage of time are covered in the unique styles of established and newly baptized poets.

Sample Poem

Unfamiliar Form

Chance encounters may not be chance;
they may change strangers in undisclosed ways
or they may remain inconsequential thrums
in the background of genes and protoplasm.

Perhaps a power in outer space controls
the encounters, much as stars might cause
snow to fall, as the moon controls tides
and tides dictate the shape of beaches.

Most chance encounters are unseen, silent
but if your body changes to sand, to spirit
and then to another preordained or unintended
form after we part, how will I recognize you?

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