Bury a Silver Spoon

Bury a Silver Spoon is for the millions of people who enjoy gardening; even those who enjoy sitting in their gardens and reading poetry.  This volume (number 13 of the Written Word Series and the 2nd in the Hobbyist Collection) offer dozens of poems on the subject, most centered on flower gardens.

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Bury A Silver Spoon

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Sample poem:

The Purpose of Gardening
When the wind blows
a blush of butterflies
over the optimism
of your spring garden

Pause in your work,
let your eyes reflect
racemes of mountain laurel
and your rosy cheeks
be lost among the sprinkles
of early evening primrose

Open your arms to the sky,
breathe in deeply and slowly
the fresh-minted breeze,
be still… be still…
and when butterflies
return for your nectar,

then your work
in the garden
will be done


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