Through a Picket Fence

Through a Picket Fence is a collection of poems about poets and their inspiration.  More than six dozen poems (volume xv of the Written Word Series) offer a candid look and what and why poets write.

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Sample Poem

Let Me Speak to Thee

When my words are spent,
when my pen is dry,
how shall I speak to thee?

Shall my words be gusts of wind
whispering through the branches
of nearby Mountain Laurel,

or shall they be the rapid pulse
of fragile wings that hold me here
suspended above your fragrant flower?

O, no, let me speak to thee in other ways.
Let my words be the beat of heavy drums,
the splash of water upon your undraped breasts.

Let me speak to thee in consonants that
accentuate the smell of your hair, in vowels
that intermingle with the taste of your kisses.

Let my words be determined
by your response to my touch.

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