Between the Margins

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Between the Margins illustrates that the shape of poetry is changing and Dr. Stone is at the forefront of the conceptual style. In this volume (Book 09 of the Written Word Series) Dr. Stone offers 40 poems from the cutting edge:

Sample poem:

The Star The Star

no world is (big) enough
to hold you
not here in the white/creamy way
not there… ( ) whatever nebulae !
no world      no world
is big enough  ,to (hide      the u
of us      not there not here
wherever dust      turns 2dust
such a world must be
(were it ever to be) more than most
& a place where time
must (be)sooner      than now
later than prime times prime
the once
the twice
the yes       of when
the no     of what
such a world   o   such a world
could never be
! too big      . small
for you  ,  for me
just as the tree
could not hold its nut
so 2      u are the universe
and i am but            a seed
of discontent


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