Bureaucracy for the Innocent

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Bureaucracy for the Innocent (subtitled Microcosmographia Bureaucratica) is based on the notion that almost any human-human contact can be defined in terms of bureaucracy, and all bureaucracies have rules (known or not to novices).  Read in this volume (Book 01 of the Written Word Series) what the rules are and how to deal with them.  Here is a sample excerpt:


“The most difficult of bureaucrats (Rumplestilskins) for novices to deal with are those who want straw spun into gold.  Never mind that gold in the fairy tale is an analogy for linen, Rumplestilskins want real gold and they want it now.  They imagine that the labor of novices will make them rich in a metaphorical sense.  They have no idea how to do the spinning, of course, so they can offer no helpful suggestions.  Yet, they will stomp their feet if novices don’t produce.  There are two rules about how to deal effectively with this type of bureaucrat – neither one works.”

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