Flintstones Are My Cargo

Flintstones Are My Cargo is a classic. The several dozen poems contained in this volume (xiv in the Written Word Series) focus on archeology and Native American culture.  There are jewels among these poems that are just as precious as the artifacts unearthed by contemporary archeologists.

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Sample Poem

In Sand, on Walls

A long-ago people,
ancestors to some
but not all
who scratch at their footprints,
through these canyons.

They ate and slept and bred
on this parched ground
and whispered
or prayers as they hurried
through the narrow gorges
where life
was threatened
by lightning, water, and God.

In their wake we find
dart points and scrapers,
bone and shards
of pottery;
if we could read we’d find
their stories
in petroglyphs
and perhaps would understand
our place in their universe.

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