Days of Burnished Sun

Days of Burnished Sun is a book for sportsmen, those among us who enjoy hunting and fishing, who are following ageless traditions, but get scant respect from members of society who have lost touch with nature and do not understand the finely tuned balance among species of the world. Sportsmen respect and protect the environment as few others in modern society. This volume (number 7 of the Written Word Series and the 1st of the Hobbyist Collection) honors these sportsmen (and sportswomen).

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Sample Poem:


A spider that watches over my shoulder
balanced on a network of its own doing,

a coyote that slinks from the underbrush
while I dither away hours in my blind,

a rodent after insects, an amoeba engulfing
particles floating nearby, a phagocyte;

man has not yet evolved beyond the reach
of nature’s most primal, hard-wired instinct.

Despite biological leaps and the sudden
appearance of society, a man is still a man

and cannot simply abandon tribal memory
nor ignore the atavistic hunger that drives

species to the veldt or the sea to hunt
among other species for survival;

at the heart of hunting there is nothing
to explain the heart of hunting,

because the opera of hunter versus prey
is an elemental story of all living things.

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