Stepping Stones

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Stepping Stones (number 08 in the Written word Series) offers an expanded and updated version of Between the Margins. In addition to new poems that play with the margins of pages, several concrete (shape) poems and calligrams are included.

Sample Poem

If Only
i think   fairies
we see on nights
when the moon is full     who fly through
win-dows to carry children
off   2 a land
of pirate fights   ,a land with a crew
of ungrown men   ,and girlies too
are     not impossibilities
no less )or more   (than angels
dancing teddybears
or any other fantastinotion that pulls
us to our unawares @
that pulls us     2 another world
a world both here and   there
a world that (surrounds us all)   ,one
we cannot see   but in which
we must believe
where small is big   and big is small
and where we might be
caught up forever in youth’s basketweave

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